Ohio and the 25x’25 Vision

Posted By on November 23, 2006

25x'25 logoI’m not endorsing the outgoing governor of Ohio, but its good to see my state onboard the 25×25′ proposal during a speech Governor Taft delivered to the Ohio Renewable Energy Summit. Energy is something all of us need and want and working towards goals is something all of us need to do in achieve a better energy balance. The governor commented that it is important to our state to participate in clean energy production and helping strengthen national security by tapping renewable sources of energy. He stated that “we are moving closer to our goal of curtailing dangerous dependence on foreign oil and developing our own clean, affordable, renewable sources of energy that will secure a better future for the families, businesses and farms of Ohio for many years to come.”

The 25 x ’25 Vision organizers advocate using renewable energy from farms, forests and ranches to provide 25 percent of the nation’s total energy consumption by 2025. Our state is one of 12 states joining the 25 x ’25 effort and Ohio is continuing to advances the farm based renewable fuels and striving to attract innovative companies researching and producing energy producing and saving equipment. (See Canton Repository article)


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