Why must reading publications be so difficult and archiving an old Soma/CVS.com fulfillment facility plan

Posted By on May 11, 2024

As someone who has spent their career in printing and publishing, I should know this, but why do so many creative people and graphic designers make reading magazines and some Type and pages of Foreign Affairs Magazinenewspapers so painfully difficult? The typography in some is ridiculous.

I enjoy reading in the evening when my eyes are tired and the lighting is often less than optimum, so I’ve wondered why so much of what I read is not designed to ease the discomfort. One magazine that my buddy Jeff gives me when he is finished is Foreign Affairs and it is nearly perfect for reading. It would be nice if more publications took their queue from them.

On a completely different topic, thought I would archive (before tossing) an original facility design drawing that I made when helping Brenda build out the Soma.com fulfillment facility in West Chester, Ohio (LINK). The Seattle-based startup was eventually purchased by the drugstore chain CVS and become their CVS.com online presence — unfortunately the fulfillment facility was shutdown shortly after their acquisition. 

Soma Facility


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