Is Podcasting/Netcasting catching on?

Posted By on November 22, 2006

Here’s a two part answer … downloading is growing, but time spent listening is questionable. An interesting article on American listening
Podcast Microphonehabits as they relate to podcasts reviews a few tidbits of data collected by the Pew Internet and American Life Project. The Associated Press Newsvine article on the subject reveals that although the number of Internet users downloading “podcasts” have increased from 7 percent earlier this year to 12 percent, but that only about 1 percent download on an average day. The survey of 972 adult Internet users concluded that podcasting is still an emerging technology and that it is “primarily enjoyed by early adopters” of technology. Less is known about how many files are actually listened too.

Podcasts, or the generic term Netcasts, both which can include video …typically are files played on personal computers, TiVo DVRs (see link to a previous post) and Apple iPods or MP3 music players. Most podcast downloads are received automatically using software set up by users to catch their favorite podcasts, but it is difficult to know how many of these downloaded files are actually listened too. Personally speaking, I download far more podcasts through iTunes than I actually listen too … I suspect I am in the norm?


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