A new webserver is up and running, but still needs tweaking

Posted By on May 12, 2020

After mentioning problems last week, the new webserver is up and running with a fresh install of Linux Ubuntu 18.04 “Bionic Beaver,” MySQL database and PHP 7.2 … well I actually decided to upgrade that to PHP 7.4 for a little better speed (who knows?)


I’ve abandoned MongoDB for the time being for the Quickdex.net “work in progress”  site that I’ve been tinkering with and will stick with the tried and true, at least for now. What should have been a simple move for the upgrade to WordPress 5.4.1 install was more problematic than I expected.That’s probably what I get for putting it off so long … but when everything seemed to be working, I decided not tot rock the boat and make more work for myself.


I did get a chance to tinker a little bit in the workshop on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon as it was shockingly cold outside for nearly mid-May (below freezing at night). I decided to participate in the Maker’s Mob “Scrap Wood Challenge” and designed a simple picture hanging jig. At this point of the build I’m regretting using the scrap wood I happened to have around since it is taking far too much time to patch and sand the mostly 3/4” maple faced plywood stiles and rails (don’t tell my son or daughter, but they will be birthday gifts – Katelyn, pretend you didn’t read this). 

6 Week Scrap Wood Challenge

As we all need to do our best to stay at home, we wanted to create an experience where you didn’t have to go the hardware store or the lumber yard… so that you could use limited wood, tools, and supplies, and still have an exceptionally positive woodworking experience during these difficult times.

The 6 Week Scrap Wood Challenge has been designed to create an online woodworking experience, were you can build alongside YouTube’s top makers, without having to leave your home or shop.

Starting on Friday, May 1st Neil Paskin will kick it off with the first of 6 Scrap Wood Challenges. That Friday, Neil will release an in-depth, step-by-step woodworking tutorial that will show you exactly how to build the same project that just went live on his YouTube channel.

The following Wednesday, Neil will be posting a video answering a curated list of questions that you may have had about the project during the building process.

Then, on the following Friday, another maker we will release their Scrap Wood Challenge LIVE on The Makers Mob, with a subsequent question period to follow that Wednesday.

Just because we are encouraged to keep our distance, doesn’t mean that we can’t still encourage one another online, connect with woodworkers from all over the world, and learn from a community that truly wants to celebrate your success in the shop.

…And of course a BIG THANK YOU to The Makers, Neil Paskin, The Samurai Carpenter, Jimmy DiResta, Jon Peters, Frank Howarth, and John Heisz for giving of your time to make this happen!


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