The E-Class Experience: Paris to Beijing 2006

Posted By on November 14, 2006

E Class Experience Map
On October 21st, thirty three BlueTec Diesel Mercedes Benz cars began a 28 day drive from Paris to Beijing; they are calling it “The E-Class Experience.” The rally will consist of 5 legs and many drivers from different walks of life. The route will navigate a trip similar to a transcontinental drive from 1907 and conclude in Beijing, China 6500 miles later on November 17th. (a few days from this posting)
1907 Race
The event does a pretty good job of demonstrating the quality of the Mercedes Benz E320 midsized clean diesel. Follow along as the ‘experience’ concludes, or check out one of the ‘YouTubers’ known as the E320Guy as he updates the trip by video clip. I’ll include his first one below and a link to his updates.


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