Apocalypto … the Mel Gibson movie

Posted By on December 17, 2006

A “new beginning” … the translation sounds better than the Mel Gibson movie titled “Apocalypto.” My wife and I intended on going to see this movie last night, but unfortunately didn’t make it. (I had planned on a review here)
photo 🙁
So in lieu of my review I’ll post part of a long interview that Mel Gibson had with FoxNews and Sean Hannity. Mr. Gibson is an interesting fellow. As expected, the “passion” he puts into most of his project is apparent without even seeing this movie. From the sounds of the fast pace, violence and impressive cinematography, I expect to come away worn out. I’m concerned about the subtitles though; maybe we’ll see it over the long Christmas or New Years weekends? (warning … the following Quicktime clip runs 18 minutes)



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