Saving YouTube video clips to your computer

Posted By on December 14, 2006

Cow munchingI was asked if there was a way that someone could save videos from the popular video serving site YouTube and the answer is yes. About 6 months ago as I used a screen capture utilities like TechSmith’s Camtasia Studio (version 4 is the current release), but … recently I found that there are much better online techniques. One online site that does a pretty good job is Its a relatively painless way to create a different ‘wrappers’ for YouTube videos. You copy the URL of the video and paste it into Vixy and voilà … you have a saved .mp4 or Democracy Player ready clip. By using the tabs, there are other conversion option and after a click it is downloaded to your computer. The file can be save, viewed or posted.

I’ve put a Quicktime wrapper around a CBS Craig Ferguson clip that I have posted below. I expect will soon be taken down considering its CBS material? I used the comic relief in a BiodieselNow forum post in part to stimulate debate on global warming issue. Towards end of the routine, a joke is made about the latest in “cow flatulence.” Lunch break is over … time to get back to work.


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