Donna Lange: East of the Fauklands

Posted By on January 30, 2007

Donna Lange position Jan 30, 2007
I have a few extra minutes over lunch today so I’ll add a second post. Several of you have emailed me asking how Donna Lange is doing after setting sail again and I thought I would update that she is cold, but otherwise fine. Yesterday she had several equipment repairs to make perhaps by a more aggressive ‘close hauled’ point of sail (into the wind), but after returning to a reach (more off wind point of sail), all is well …. except for the uncomfortable “wallowing” in rolling seas. Her approximate position above is just off the Faukland Islands and Port Stanley where she could accept an invite to sing and play her music. So far she is resisting the stop as the draw of home is starting to take hold. Of course there are still some 7000 plus miles to put under her keel, but I think being on the Atlantic Ocean feels much closer to Rhode Island than while in the Pacific?

I neglected to mention a recent article in Sail-World … if you are interested it talks about her trip as she was nearing Cape Horn.


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