Regis and Kelly with Leo Laporte

Posted By on January 30, 2007

Leo on Regis and KellyThose of you who follow the technology world will recognize Leo Laporte and his contribution to explaining technology to his viewers/listeners. He is a well known ‘guru’ with a mulititude of new media and old ‘channels.’ He is probably best know continent wide for his many ‘podcasts’ … or is it ‘netcasts’ … perhaps ‘webcasts?’ (I never know what to call them after the fear of Apple challenging companies using the word “podcast”) The best place to connect with his work is at the This Week In Tech site, better known as TWIT.TV.

Leo Laporte displayed several of new displays and screens for home television viewing — from a cellphone TV to 108 inch Sharp HD flat screen, of which there are only three. I’ll link the YouTube clip of his appearance on Tuesday below and mention his second appearance on ABC’s Live Regis and Kelly is on Wednesday. (also included below was Monday’s program with Omar Wasow on digital cameras)


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