VW R32 coming to the US in August 2007

Posted By on February 8, 2007

VW R32 for 2007
Volkswagen of America announced the high performance version of the GTI known as the R32 which boast a 250 horsepower narrow-angle 3.2L V6. This unique powerplant will be mated to the six speed dual clutch transmission (DSG) and shift paddles on the steering column. The 0-60 times are said to be in the mid-6 second times and special interior/exterior R32 trim. According to the spokesperson at the Chicago Auto Show, the first 832 existing R32 and GTI owners to place a deposit for this special edition VW will received the first vehicles in August 2007.
EDIT 2/8/2007Autoblog reader spots the hinted website to be given to existing GTI and R32 owners … check this out!
EDIT 2/9/2007 – My local VW Dealer contact has priced the pre-order only R32 at: $33,590 plus Tax and title. The only option available is the DVD nav system at $1800.


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