Peak Oil and a biodiesel powered VW TDI

Posted By on March 25, 2007

VW TdiA CinciTDI friend forwarded a CBC news segment on peak oil and I thought it was interesting enough to share. (Thanks Mike) The ‘rattle’ of the little 1.9 liter diesel is definitely noticeable to those familiar with our VW oil (or biodiesel) burners. Not all of us necessarily agree with the Peak Oil position as presented in the news segment, but who knows where the ‘peak’ is? Perhaps we are past it now, but considering what I’ve learned about oil shale and Canadian oil sands, I believe we have a significant amount of untapped petroleum available, even if it will be more difficult and expensive to extract. Nevertheless, there will come a day when cheap fossil fuel is gone and renewable and more environmentally friendly fuels will be priced on par with petroleum. We would be wise to continue to pursue alternatives.

The clip below may only be interesting because it stars a VW TDI and the fact that it is being filled with biodiesel, but offers yet another reason to continue alternative fuels. (CBC sort of misrepresented the B20 as ‘not’ being petroleum, when in truth it is 80% oil and only 20% biodiesel)


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