Gasoline jumps 30 cent in SW Ohio today

Posted By on May 22, 2007

Meijer pre-bumpToday in Cincinnati (5/22) the price of gasoline is starting to “faze” folks. The spike in gas prices is the talk at nearly every stop I’ve made today. By afternoon, most stations boosted prices 30 cents for a gallon of unleaded regular gasoline. It was averaging about $3.18 and is now easily $3.49. (some stations are higher)

I’ve recently registered for a pre-price change message to cell phone service that is offered by Meijer Supercenter They are a combination big box retail and grocery store based out of Michigan that also sells fuel. In fact they are currently testing B20 in Ann Arbor and our CinciTDI group is petitioning to get it in Ohio. The new text message service will notify cellphones a few hours before increasing prices. Today’s came in about 4 hours before the 1:30 price change. Since I’m not driving the ‘gas’ car today it doesn’t matter too much, but it was still nice to get the morning warning that by 1:30PM the price would go up 30 cents. Problem … when I drove by at noon the lines were long since they were still priced low … too many participants perhaps?


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