New Cincinnati based company to build EVs

Posted By on May 23, 2007

Announcing AMP
Jack Kuntz the president and CEO opened the doors of a new company in Blue Ash, Ohio call AMP. Mr. Kuntz, along with co-founder and engineer Steve Burns, welcomed the press and interested parties to a lunch where they unveiled their first project car, a new Saturn Sky which will be stripped and converted into an all-electric model.

Burns co-founder of AMPAccording to Mr. Burns, the cars built by AMP will achieve the equivalent of 125 mpg, run for 150 miles per charge and will plug into a 110 volt outlet of the owners garage. He brags that it will also be quick, claiming 0 t0 60 speeds of 6 seconds and be affordable. Personally I’m not sure how they intend to do this quite yet, considering they “will use the best in technology from battery and electric motor manufacturers all controlled with AMP’s proprietary software,” … Hmm??? Not only will they be stripping new internal combustion vehicles that they intend on converting … $$$, but they intend to build 300 ‘like’ vehicles. Kuntz and Burns believe the market and the people of Cincinnati are ready for clean, efficient, 100% electric ‘second or third’ cars … I have my doubts that they can do this and keep it affordable? (perhaps it all depends on ones definition of affordable?)
EDIT: Notice a Cincinnati Enquirer article mentioning that the cars were estimated to sell for under $50,000.

A crowd of about 50 were on hand for the announcement and were treated to a motivational speech by well known Moeller High School football coach (as well as University of Notre Dame and University of Akron coach) Gerry Faust.

GerryFaust and Jack Kuntz
Photo: Gerry Faust (L) and Jack Kuntz (R)


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