N.U.T.S. – Not Understanding Term Surrender

Posted By on June 19, 2007

Mark July 6 on your schedule to TIVO, DVR or in person TV watching … the ‘Jericho Nuts‘ have put the CBS program back on the air! This is good news since besides the lousy cable news shows, Jericho is/was one of only two TV show my wife and I watched or Tivo-ed. (the other is “House”)
JerichoA little history … yes I was part of the Internet petition movement too … but didn’t quite go the “Nuts” route. There was such an uproar from the rabid Jericho fans that CBS has decided to renewed for 7 more episodes beginning on July 6th this summer. (9PM Friday time slot) Those supporting the show started a campaign, a huge petition list and number of letters to CBS … AND eventually a few “nuts” were sent to CBS – just a few.

CBS actually estimated that 20 Tons of “Nuts” arrived to their NYC and LA offices from around the country. The nuts campaign was started after the show was canceled and the fans meeting online in a forum started to ‘nuke’ the CBS boards … and those of other shows. CBS threatened to take down the boards unless that kind of activity stopped. It did and a movement replicating the final episode where the neighboring town radioed Jericho for their surrender. The answer was the same as it was in WWII by pinned down US troops to the Germans expecting surrender. A single word “NUTS” was the only reply by the American commander General MacAuliffe gave in the battle of the Bulge … and the same when the town of Jericho was asked to surrender to the neighboring New Bern. So fans of the show decided to send ‘nuts’ … and they did …. and in enough quantity to get a positive answer from CBS.

“Jericho” returns to CBS lineup on July 6
Start cracking and spreading the word, all you “Jericho” nuts: You favorite series returns to the CBS lineup July 6.
The series pilot will air 9 o’clock, which becomes the drama’s summer time slot.
The next week, on July 13, CBS will air a recap of the first 11 episodes at 8 p.m. Then episode 12 will air at 9. For the rest of the summer, CBS will repeat the last 12 episodes.
CBS last week renewed the canceled series for seven episodes, which start at midseason.
A campaign by “Jericho” fans, which included sending tons of nuts to CBS executives, led the network to bring back the series.
CBS’ Friday schedule for summer, starting July 13, will be “Ghost Whisperer” at 8; “Jericho” at 9; “Numb3rs” at 10.
“Jericho” will replace “Close to Home,” which was not renewed.


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