POLL: Preparing for retirement; your Golden Years

Posted By on June 20, 2007

Retirement beach sceneIts hard to tell what the future will hold, but from the sound of things (CNBC intro below), there are is a significant number in America not preparing properly for retirement. No … I’m not talking about only the unemployed and ‘working poor’ … I’m talking about people living paycheck to paycheck picking up their morning “latte” at Starbucks, taking $10 – 20 lunch breaks and buying a new cars with the equity in their home while they carry balances on credit cards. Its a frightening thought considering as a nation we might be facing a very unprepared group of senior citizens. How are we going to handle millions of unprepared elderly Americans if they haven’t prepare now while they can? Social Security is bleeding and company pensions are non-existent … how deep with the younger generation dig in order to take care those unwilling to sacrifice a few pleasures today to secure their own retirement?

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