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DonnaLange in CW August 2007Glancing through my August 2007 issue of Cruising World magazine, I recognized the “Shoreline” photo as solo-circumnavigating sailor Donna Lange. Long time readers will recall the many posts made in my blog and might enjoy seeing one last photo celebrating as she heads into her home port of call, Bristol Rhode Island. (larger image) The link includes an online article written by Kitty Martin commenting on the final leg of the sailing, but why stop there …

Here’s one more ‘leg’ of the journey; a creatively decorated “Inspired Insanity” during the 4th of July Parade in Bristol! It is also a great kick off of Donna’s plan to educate and advocate “through children” the impact, both positively and negatively, that humans have on the worlds oceans. “For the Love of Oceans” gets its start at the Youth4Oceans website.
Inspired Insanity 4th of July 2007


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