Cleveland Indian one up on Boston

Posted By on October 16, 2007

Indians over Red Sox 4-2 in Game 3
As the 2007 baseball season inches toward a close, the Cleveland Indians move one step closer to becoming the American League champions by topping the Boston Red Sox 4 run to 2 in game 3. This was the first game against the Red Sox at Jacobs Field for the Cleveland fans which no doubt gave a tremendous boost to the players.

Gradys' LadiesAlthough veteran Kenny Lofton is a fan favorite, particularly considering his 2 run homer put Cleveland up 2-0 in the second inning, Brady Sizemore has the specialty fans … known as “Bradys’ Ladies.’
Nevertheless, the real credit tonight goes to Jake Westbrook who’s impressive pitching quieted the Red Sox bats. He was able to control the game generating 11 ground balls out until being relieved in the 7th by fast ball pitching rookie Jensen Lewis. I think its “TRIBE TIME!”


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