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Posted By on December 2, 2007

And Then There Were NoneShortly after the school year began, Lakota East High School in Liberty Township, Ohio (our local HS) started prepping for a late fall production of an Agatha Christie novel made into theater production they called “Ten Little Indians.” After a complaint was filed from a local member of the NAACP due to the racial history, the play was cancel. (threats of protests were rumored) The national news media picked up on this story and eventually the administration decided to reschedule the production with a few tweaks and the officially licensed name — “And Then There Were None.”

A little history: The Agatha Christie mystery was originally titled “Ten Little Niggers” when released in 1939 in England. The Americanized version was published in the U.S. in 1940 as “And Then There Were None.” Since that time, the novel was adopted to play, re-published book and film and usually titled “Ten Little Indians” in the U.S., although it maintained the original title in the U.K until the 1980s.


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