Yummy … an Exhaust Burger

Posted By on January 25, 2008

Exhaust Burger
How about an Exhaust Burger? I’ve cooked a meal under the hood before, but never heard of cooking with a grilling device like this using exhaust gas! Well the exhaust gas never hits the meat, but its probably hot enough to barbecue a hamburger — I wonder if I could fix a meal for two if these were installed on a car with dual exhaust?

Exhaust Burger 2
This post was spotted over on Autoblog, where they had this to say: “We’d sure like to try it out, though, especially if fitted to the back of a bio-diesel running on used grease from McDonald’s. Instead of asthma-inducing fumes, we’d be spewing the hunger-inspiring smells of french fries and hamburgers. Yum.”


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