Book: Fish Out of Water

Posted By on February 21, 2008

Fish Out of WaterWhile on a college visit with my son and short vacation this past weekend, I picked up a good book that offered a first hand look at today’s politically correct ‘college experience.’ I’m not sure that the author’s recount will comes as a shock, but I assure you that quite a bit has changed from my memory of college a generation ago. (full disclosure: my undergraduate education took place at a smaller ‘more conservative’ university — although my more ‘insulated’ off campus housing graduate studies were at state universities)

Abby Nye wrote Fish Out of Water and published it through New Leaf Press in 2005 and chronicled her freshman year adapting to the ‘liberal’ atmosphere of a secular university — this coming from a conservative Christian background. In hindsight, I should have read this a few years ago and been a bit more focused on what goes on at secular universities since my daughter went to Kent State University — she received an outstanding education I might add. Perhaps I’m reading this book a bit late … or perhaps not, since my son will be heading off to college next year?

Nevertheless, I enthusiastically recommend Fish Out of Water and suggest that it is an excellent book for those wanting a first hand account of “what’s going on” in many American Universities; Abby Nye’s insight is especially helpful if one is coming from a conservative home. The advice for students wanting to know what to expect when choosing a ‘liberal’ university should be very helpful and her story will give students a leg up as they arrive on campus. (she also offers a few ‘survival’ hints) I’ll include a clip from an Amazon member review below.

Reader Review:
First-time author Abby Nye is on the front lines in the culture war, and she sees it where combat is the fiercest: on the campus of a secular university. While Abby went into college prepared for a change, she at times found herself overwhelmed by relativism, nihilism, postmodernism, and all the other -isms that are prevalent in today’s anti-God, anti-Christ, liberal universities. Abby gives great perspective on how to live out your faith on campus. How do I stay away from sex and drinking and drugs? What do I do on Friday night when it seems like everyone else is out getting blitzed and hooking up? Where can I find friends who have similar beliefs? What do I do if a prof is trashing my faith in class? Abby combines thorough research with well-placed anecdotes to offer a plan of attack as a student approaches his or her freshman year in college. It is obvious that Abby is passionate about the subject matter, and that she wants to make an impact in the lives of the students around her. (snipped from review by Joshua Knippa)


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