Mercedes GLK Freeside Concept – BlueTec Diesel

Posted By on February 1, 2008

Mercedes GLK Freeside concept frontThe new smaller Mercedes SUV was shown in concept form at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show and is close to production – “possibly by the year’s end,” according to Joe Wiesenfelder at the Kicking Tires Blog. This smaller Benz will join the full size GL and M series SUV already in production and more importantly already receiving the 3.0L diesel engine here in the U.S.

MB Freeside rearThe GLK Freeside concept at the show had the BlueTec diesel which has both a particulate filter and urea injection making it the cleanest of the bunch. Beside offering 30% better efficiency than a gasoline powered version, the high torque diesel in this smaller package will give luxury nameplate buyers one more option. I’ve yet to see a price indicated, but since the larger M and GL start just over $50K, I assume the new GLK would have to be below them?


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