Would you like lemon with your water?

Posted By on February 4, 2008

A trend in recent years when eating out at a restaurant is to offer a wedge of lemon with your water. I’ve often thought its was a nice touch and have enjoyed both seeing and tasting the lemon on the edge of my ice water glass … but I might think again after seeing a report by HealthInspections.com.
LemonThe restaurant inspection website has a web video clip (below) that reported on lemon wedges in 21 restaurants. The investigation turned up micro-organisms in 77% of all the wedges tested by micro biologist Anne Loving. She reported that both the rind of the lemon and insides often contained unhealthy organisms such as fecal bacteria or other disease causing micro-organisms. She noted that bacteria can come from a variety of places and mentioned the hands of workers, cutting boards and knives used in cutting the lemons. Perhaps we will all think twice before opting for that wedge of lemon with our glass of ice water?

Video Deleted by YouTube


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