Election news: McCain clinches GOP nomination

Posted By on March 5, 2008

John McCainOn Tuesday Republicans selected their nominee for President and as expected Senator John McCain took the prize. With Ohio, Texas, Vermont and Rhode Island voters selecting McCain over Mike Huckabee, the magic delegate number of 1191 has been reached.
For the Democrats, the picture is much less clear. The states have resulted in a much closer competition. Ohio and Rhode Island have gone to Clinton … and as Karl Rove would say, the “Granola eating anti-war liberals” in Vermont (smile) have opted for Barack Obama. The big enchilada, the state of Texas, was the closest of all the races and even at this hour the race is too close to call. (although Clinton is a couple percentage points in front of as of this posting — 12:30AM)
EDIT 8 AM: Clinton Texas win confirmed; Tues. election results:

Election results

An interesting story to come out of watching the political news was that Texas Democrats have an interesting combination of a primary and caucus. Voters in this state are permitted to vote twice … see the Greta VanSusteran clip below.


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