Flickr now does ‘short’ video too

Posted By on April 9, 2008

Flickr video
Besides photo sharing, Flickr now offers ‘pro’ users (paying) the ability to upload short video clips limited to 90 seconds. While this limit is hardly competitive to other video sites, it does offer a place to offload those short cellphone video clips. In a quick test, I uploaded a one minute clip of my son’s science experiment we film last year and it worked flawlessly. (I’ll test embed below) Although the short and small — 320×240 H.264 encoded .mov wrapped movie — isn’t of the highest quality, it still worked well. I’ll probably try one of higher quality in the future. My initial reaction is that limiting clips to only 90 seconds, and requiring users to be “pro”, will not make Flickr the preferred video sharing site.
See Flickr’s blog: “Video on Flickr!”



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