Pondering the future for Palm Treos

Posted By on April 3, 2008

iTreo 800p Illustration
Those of us using Palm Treos (and Centros) are curious as to what’s next in the Treo lineup … and Andrew from the Treonauts blog posted an interesting illustration. He speculates that there is a significant Apple influence at Palm and points to the latest hires from that innovative company. I’m not sure what this means for future Treos, but it is fun to speculate — besides I like the illustration!

The company Elevation Partners has a 25% stake in Palm, and has several ex-Apple guys on board. They are suspected to be intimately involved in with working on the next generation smartphone to sport the Treo nameplate. High on the list of wants needs is a new OS for the Palm; it is rumored that it will operate much more like the iPhone user interface — called Nova OS.

On the other end, improvements will be made on the hardware front. New devices will be designed to run both the Nova OS and Windows Mobile operating system and most assume any Treo device will retain a full QWERTY keyboard and touchscreen. There aren’t any authoritative indications as to what the new phones will look like, but as Andrew’s article lists a few ‘wishes’ … “an ultraslim device along the lines of the iPhone with a full QWERTY rubber keyboard like that found on the Centro along with 3G connectivity, a high-speed processor, flush touchscreen, built-in WiFi and possibly also GPS among others.” I wonder just how realistic this 800p illustration and “wish list” is?


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