Earthrace delays start until mid-April

Posted By on April 2, 2008

Earthrace Masthead
The radical looking biodiesel powered circumnavigating boat has delayed their start in going for a record run around the world by two week (see last years blog entries). The re-start was to take place at the end of last month, but according to Captain Pete Bethune the biodiesel supply planned for their stop in Portugal has been held up in customs will delay the start until April 15th or 20th. According to the Earthrace website and blogs, the refurbished boat has even more eye-popping looks with its new paint and electronics. The high speed time trials have gone well although Pete indicated that there was still a slight propeller shaft vibration on the port engine which they will continue to work on. Here’s some audio from the New Zealand captain.

EDIT 4/12/2008 – Scheduled start now Sunday April 27th.

EDIT: Adding promo video.


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