First look at Palm Treo 800w is disappointing

Posted By on May 16, 2008

Bold and 800w
As someone who started with a Palm Pilot many years ago and who has been wondering what will replace my business oriented Palm Treo, I am disappointed at seeing the new Palm Treo 800w (at least displayed side by side with the new Blackberry Bold). I can’t imagine many new smartphone shoppers will select this Treo 800w when the new Blackberry, a gen-2 iPhone and many new slick look-a-likes are coming to market at the same time. Beauty and brains are equally important when competing for buyers.

New 800wFor me, “form does still follows function” … and perhaps I should withhold judgment … BUT the humble styling of the 800w placed side by side with a rival smartphone doesn’t offer much hope — in fact it is kind of a turn-off. If Palm is planning to survive, they had better work on attracting new customers with at least the “look” consumers are expecting. Even existing Palm Treo ‘enthusiasts’ are going to have a hard time swallowing the antiquated design unless there is something on the horizon worth waiting for — at least this disappointed Treo enthusiast. (see Andrew’s first take over at Treonauts)


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