FuelFrog and Twitter for fuel usage

Posted By on May 21, 2008

FuelFrog LogoIts not working all that well for me just yet, but I like the simplicity of the “mashing” with Twitter and FuelFrog. Three guys who call themselves SecondPixel, David Rasch, Brandon Milford and Alan Cox founded the company to create, yet powerful web applications. Fuelfrog is one which helps track and graph fuel usage with an SMS messaging capable cell phone and there website. What you do is to enter the miles you traveled on your last tank, the price you paid, and how many gallons you added to your car. FuelFrog compiles the information and the trends about your gas mileage and the amount you spend.

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With FuelFrog you can —
* Quickly add info to your account after filling up.
* View trends for the amount you spend on gas.
* See how gas prices change in your city over time.
* Gain insight into how your car’s gas mileage changes.

Use Twitter or the web interface to enter the data —
* Enter your Twitter Username on the Settings page of FuelFrog
* Enter your fuel data (miles, price, gallons–MPG) — Example: @fuelfrog 342 3.239 10.293

This would be perfect for a ‘certain’ technology loving person and their new “Smart Car.” (hint, hint)


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