Tri-State City Rugby Championship Tourney 2008

Posted By on May 19, 2008

Rugby TaylorThis past weekend was full of May oriented ‘goings-on.’ From attending a couple important graduation open houses to working at getting our yard in order for my son’s high school graduation open house, to the culmination of the best rugby season we’ve had. It was a perfect time to have been a senior as Taylor‘s Cincinnati Jets Rugby team played for the top spot in the city and surrounding area’s number one spot. The tournament at Brimelow Field in Fairfield Ohio was and outstanding one. The Jets won their first which pitted them against North Bend in the afternoon. All the teams played well and when all was said and done they finished the year second in the city.

What an outstanding job of coaching and team play … this group of boys have improved each and every game making Taylor’s third and final high school year playing rugby the best. I’ll post a Picasa slideshow of a few of the photos I took on Saturday below.


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