Compress Air Cars: 800 miles on a fill-up?

Posted By on July 16, 2008

Air Car
I heard about the compress air powered vehicles for a while now, but never really gave much thought to how long an air tank could last? I’ve always assumed that like my air compressor and tools I power with it, that the tank is heavy and needs to be constantly running to keep the air pressure high enough to run simple tools. (ie. sanders, grinders, drills, impact wrenches) I happened to read a bit more on the “Zero Pollution Motors” marketing site and realized that they are talking about cars with a decent range. I’m not sure how realistic a comment from is, but its impressive: “Compressed-Air Powered cars could take you over 800 miles on a single fill-up, at speeds of up to 96 mph. They should refuel in less than 3 minutes, and at speeds over 35 mph emit about half the CO2 of a Toyota Prius. Best part? You could see them in the US at the end of next year.”

Pure Driving: The Revolutionary Compressed Air Vehicle
If you can, imagine a vehicle that runs on air, achieves over 100 gas-equivalent mpg and over 90 mph, has zero to low C02 emissions, seats six, has plenty of space for luggage, cuts no safety corners, and costs no more than an average economy to mid-size vehicle.
This is the expected performance of the revolutionary compressed air vehicle that Zero Pollution Motors (ZPM) is introducing to North America. The vehicle is powered by the Compressed Air Engine (CAE) developed by Motor Development International (MDI), a 15-year old company based in Nice, France, and headed by inventor and Formula One race car engineer, Guy Negre. ZPM is the exclusive representative for MDI in the United States.


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