Twitter tools: Pingfire and TwitterLocal

Posted By on December 4, 2008

I’ve posted a few times on the social networking/micro-blogging tool called Twitter. This inspired a reader to send me his favorite Firefox add-on and an excellent Twitter related website that is worth sharing. First is the Pingfire ( Firefox add-on which isn’t working on my VistaOS notebook (surprise, surprise) and the other, a search tool called TwitterLocal.

TwitterLocal in particular is a great way to  connect with others using Twitter in a specific geographic area, either by “City, ST” or zipcode, tweaked to the number of miles around this locale. It is also an easy way to follow an RSS feed from locals that you may not want to add to your own “following” list.  I’ve recently added a couple more local friends to my Twitter/RichC account, but may have to once again trim back to under 50; in my opinion following too many active users over 50 becomes unmanageable for all those with “Master Geek” credentials.


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