Cold winter weather and the shortage of road salt

Posted By on January 16, 2009

Minus 10With the cold weather we’ve been having we’ll definitely be complaining about home heating bills and  the salt shortage when we get to February and March.  It definitely has turn cold across most of the nation. I did a double take when I checked the temperature today.

I probably shouldn’t include this photo when it come time to sell my Honda Pilot?

Salty Honda Pilot

Salt shortage drives up cost, might result in slippery driving

At least one local municipality has placed itself on a restricted sodium diet – which could lead to treacherous driving, especially if a lot of snow falls this winter.

All jurisdictions that didn’t restock its salt bins at the end of the last winter season have taken a financial hit due to the increased cost of rock salt, the preferred product to melt ice and snow from roadways during the winter months.

The alleged salt shortage has some suspecting collusion among salt suppliers, as those suppliers charge vastly inflated prices for salt needed by all cities located in the “Snowbelt.”

The state has initiated an investigation into the increased cost.

Last year the going rate per ton of rock salt was $51. This year the cost has gone through the roof at $148 per ton.


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