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Posted By on March 4, 2009

YourFonts logo makes it easy to create a personalized font based on your own handwriting. I created one in about 15 minutes, including the scanning and uploading — very cool.


After printing out the PDF template , I used a fine tip ‘Sharpie‘ to scribble in the letters and numbers as the very easy instructions describe. I didn’t bother to do the ‘included’ second page, but those who need accented letters and special characters might want to take the time to do that.

I then scanned the form at 300dpi using the scanner on my multi-purpose fax machine and uploaded it to the YourFonts site. (make sure the scanned page is no less than 1000 px — lousy quality — or no more than 5000 px — better quality.) The next step is to  upload the scan, preview the font on their site and finally download the .TTF file to be placed in your font folder on your Mac or PC. It couldn’t be simpler.

Below is an image of a full page (8.5×11) word document using the font I created, click for the larger version.

Test of my font

It is easy to selecting your font in any program on your computers and is ideal for personalized letters and envelopes you type have a personal flare.  This might be a great way to address Christmas cards or to use for some special invitations, but one need to know that if you email a document, they will need to have your font ‘unless’ you embed a copy into the doc. (don’t use it for emails since the end user will most likely not have your personal font installed)

I’m looking forward to showing this to my daughter knowing she will love creating her own decorative fonts for free!


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