Fuel prices at the Pump vs. Interstate signage

Posted By on March 22, 2009

Flying J

Very few things irritate me more when traveling down the interstate and looking for fuel only to find out that the interstate sign doesn’t match the price at the pump. It use to be that when this happened that it was only a couple cents, but now in the day of 10 – 20 cent swings in pump price adjustments, it can mean a several dollars difference when filling the tank.

This happened to me the other day when pulling off Interstate 71 at Jeffersonville Ohio between Cincinnati and Columbus at the Flying J (email addresses). I pulled off noting the price on the ‘electronic billboard’ showing $1.89 for unleaded gasoline (right in photo), but when I pulled up to the station both the pump and sign (left in photo) were at $1.97. I’ve heard that it is illegal to change the price at the pump before changing signs, but never really bothered to look it up.  How common is this practice?

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