NetFlix: The $2 a month debate

Posted By on April 2, 2009

Netlix logoI’ve been satisfied with Netflix since switching from Blockbuster Online for ‘mail delivered’ DVD and BluRay DVD movies. My wife and I generally watch one movie each week and have been comfortable with the service and choices available with the ‘one at a time’ subscription. Since we have a BluRay player, I opted for the $1.00 premium on top of our $8.99/month Netflix subscription ($9.99/month) which saved us $2 each month over their competitor, but noticed that Netflix as of April 27 will double that premium — $2.00/month for the BluRay option ($10.99/month). The amount is now only a dollar less then Blockbuster and doesn’t offer the 2 in-store exchanges which was a nice perk (although we did switch to Netflix for the TivoHD streaming option only currently available at Netflix).

Netflix plan

Since we have been generally watching movies in our bedroom, I’m debating whether paying an extra $2 for BluRay is really worthwhile. DVD movies and even the Netflix-to-TivoHD streamed movies all seem to satisfy my aging eyes and questionable ears … what would you do?


  • Pretty tricky call. Like you, I’m usually happy with TiVo’s streaming and standard DVD. Good upscaling hardware also helps standard DVDs on 720 or 1080 sets. So for now we’re doing well without a BluRay player. If my LCD were some gianomous 50+ inch model, I might be persuaded, but I think ours is ‘only’ 37″ so we don’t see the expenses as worth it yet. I’m sure someday soon the costs will come into line.

  • Rich Herman


    I voted to stick with Blu-Ray. You’re $2 a month isn’t going to go all that far anyplace else and expect you enjoy the best picture you can get if you already bought a Blu-Ray player.

    Rich Herman


    Is it too late to enter this poll?

  • I’m impressed! I found your site on Google looking for something else entirely- and now I’m going to have to go back and go through all the old material. Good bye my spare time this morning, but this was a truly awesome find 😀

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