Received a birthday kiss this morning from a spider

Posted By on May 7, 2009

brownrecluseinhotelWhile out of town this week at one of my regular hotels, I noticed a speedy brown spider about the size of a nickel in my room at night, perhaps the Brown Recluse –Loxosceles reclusa (photo right). I tried to catch him, but he was evasive and when behind one of the screwed down pictures on the wall. There is an excellent website detailing information on Ohio spiders … particularly biting spiders and I sent them an email to see if I’m off base. (

Unfortunately he didn’t stay there when I went to bed and decided to give me a ‘kiss.’ (Palm Treo 700p cellphone photo below) I’m hoping that the poison isn’t all that infectious since some of the photos of bites are pretty nasty — don’t look if you are squeamish — and whatever you do, don’t watch the video!

Spider bite


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