A week of celebrity deaths leaves me in a green mood

Posted By on June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson Farrah Fawcett

It has been a week of celebrity deaths. I probably wouldn’t have mention them if it were only one or an expected passing — Ed McMahon or Farrah Fawcett … but with yesterday afternoon’s surprising cardiac arrest of Michael Jackson it is on my mind (and the TV cable news).

Ed McMahon

What is really sad is for all the fame and fortune, the celebrities for the most part were not able to manage their situations. From the McMahon’s battles with foreclosure and bankruptcy in his later years, to Jackson’s spending his millions, in legal battles and living a quirky life, neither seemed happy. Farrah Fawcett may to have had a better handle financially, but her beauty and popularity may have also been a curse when it came to personal relationships. Her death is perhaps the most tragic having to spend the last years battling and suffering cancer — she deserve credit for her public message when it came to dealing with the situation. I think we all fear dying in such a slow and painful way.

Maybe I’ll swim a few laps today to work off  this stress over death … then again perhaps not? (this is the first time we’ve had enough rain fast enough to overflow the pool. A record 2.65 inches of rain breaking a nearly 100 year old 2.44 inches in a single day record.  — what a mess – News Link)

Green Pool



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