Happy Birthday dinner and a couple more Palm Pre photos

Posted By on June 11, 2009

Yesterday was a busy day of business calls and traveling so I missed the chance to blog about my son’s birthday. Nevertheless, I’ll include a Palm Pre photo from my son’s birthday dinner — Happy Birthday Taylor. Taking my son out for his birthday tonight. Mmm. on TwitpicThe evening was nice as we enjoyed watching the Benihana chef cook the food in front of us while ‘freezing’ … the air conditioning was blowing directly on us.

I do like uploading to Ping.fm or Twitpic (left) as it provides a quick to upload photos to Twitter followers … or “peeps” to get my jargon correct. (the Palm Pre app Tweed will soon integrate Twitpic I’ve heard) 

Although I’m including the photo from Twitpic (no longer functional), I personally I still like Flickr for serving up files for sharing on my blog. Currently, the Palm Pre doesn’t support photo uploading to Flickr. The Pre does however included apps for photo uploads to Facebook and Photobucket; I tried them although still prefer to “email to Flickr” for the time being … I’m sure an app is in the works?

Speaking of photo tests, one of the functions I appreciate is being able to make a picture-copy of a  text page … more for just remembering what’s on the page than for a quality photo. Below was my test of an 8-1/2 by 11 page using the Palm Pre camera and a pair of 1.25 power reading glasses in front of the lens — click for larger  (this is an old trick I used on the Treo).

Close up image using 1.25 reading glasses


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