Smartphone ownership may not be so fiscally smart

Posted By on July 31, 2009

ShipfinderWhile on vacation ( updated blog posts here) I happened to meet a UK ‘tech writer’ who was up-to-date on the current smartphones. He has several phones and was comparing both the Palm Pre and iPhone 3Gs ( no UK GSM phone service for Pre yet). I found his comparison interesting and was very impressed with the speed of the iPhone 3Gs — the Palm Pre sure seems slow in app response and loading in comparison?  Being on the aft deck of the ship with him that evening, I was particularly impress with the app he was using on it call “Ship Finder.” Very nice.

But after all the ‘cool’ apps excitement disapears and one is left with a monthly bill, what the device is really being used for?  PCWorld did a comparison between several US based phones and plans — seems the Sprint Palm Pre looks pretty good?

Cost of Smartphone
Larger Chart


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