TechFriday: Pre-order a throw-and-shoot camera for $499

Posted By on June 5, 2015


Really tempted to pre-order a Lily “non-drone” (company doesn’t like the “drone” term) according to a CNBC article (below).

Lily: the world’s first throw-and-shoot camera

Deborah Findling | @dfindles

For those times when the selfie stick just isn’t good enough, there is now a flying camera. Really.

Called the world’s first throw-and-shoot camera, the Lily Camera was born in University of California, Berkeley’s robotics lab. Toss the device into the air, and its four propellers send it flying up to speeds of 25 miles per hour as it takes high-quality photos and videos.

Unlike other drones, the Lily Camera requires no controller as it follows the wearer’s bracelet. The camera follows the user via GPS tied to a bracelet, which communicates distance, position and speed back to the camera.

The company doesn’t like the word "drone," however.


Read Full CNBC article


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