It was past time for a new USB Flash/Thumbdrive

Posted By on August 6, 2009


I’ve been thinking about buying a new USB ThumbDrive/FlashDrive for some time now, primarily for backups, transfer and storage when a email hit my inbox and triggered my impulse purchase — 64GB Kingston DataTraveler.

USB007A few years ago when I was traveling more often, I purchase my first and only ThumbDrive which has served me well (and my son in school too). At the time, a 1 GB USB ThumbDrive was unheard of … and I even had to order it direct from Hong Kong. Of course now a 1GB is laughable, but back then it cost me over $300! (I’m not laughing) Kingston DataTravelerFast forward to 2009 and memory is far less expensive, making small flash memory cards (took two 16GB SD cards on our recent trip) and USB drives give-a-way items, especially smaller ones. Of course I wanted a bigger ThumbDrive in order to transfer larger files, video or to back up more secure data with encryption (I’m storing a Truecrypt directory). The less than $130 price point made the memory drive attractive and considering my son heads back to college in a couple weeks with my USB007 drive, I figure it was a good time to upgrade.

DataTraveler 64GB

Unfortunately the  Kingston 64GB FlashDrive can’t be used as Microsoft Windows “Readyboost” memory — but then that wasn’t the purpose. Real life transfer speeds seem a bit slow, but calculations show 29MB/secondKingston DataTraveler back moving files from the Kingston DataTraveler 200 ThumbDrive to my Window 7 RC notebooks computer’s hard drive and 13MB/sec transferring data from the computer to the ThumbDrive (the Apple Macintosh was about the same, although I didn’t time it). I’m sure I’ll be kicking myself in a few months as flash memory continues to drop, but then again hyper-inflation could make my purchase a deal? (listen to Peter Schiff speaking about  2009-2010 US Hyperinflation — MP3 audio)


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