Canton Ohio judge finds creative use for duct tape

Posted By on September 2, 2009

Stephen F. Belden (ex-teacher … just kidding), a Canton Ohio Municipal Court judge, silenced argumentative defendant Duct TapeHarry Brown with duct tape in his courtroom last week. After listening to the audio of the exchange between the judge and Mr. Brown, it sounded as if Belden’s patience ran short after listening to the defendant expressed displeasure with the court assigned attorney. Judge Belden explained that if Brown didn’t want the public defender, he could represent himself, although he would be a fool to do so. After warning Brown not to continue his argument, the judge ordered the defendants mouth to be duct taped shut and after removing it only to hear arguments again, added another 30 days to whatever sentence Mr. Brown received.

Something tells me that the ACLU might take a look at this case … and if not, perhaps judges in other municipalities will adopt the practice? (certainly CIA operatives would never be permitted use of duct tape in this way as an “enhanced interrogation technique?” [/sarcasm])


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