LiveBlogging: Vote on HR Resolution to Health Care

Posted By on March 21, 2010

As I check on the partisan vote to pass a bill that will bureaucratic Health Care in America this Sunday evening, the Democrats have both passed the rules (at 2PM) and recently the “resolution.” Every Republican voted against and 224 Democrats were for the  “resolution.”

Personally I believe that the  224 number is the 216 (needed to pass) plus the 8 “pro-life” Democrats that have recently signed on after President Obama signed an executive order prohibiting federal funding for abortion. Debate continues to rage as to the value of the executive order, but  the way I see it, it looks as if congress was going to pass the bill without the Stupak Eight anyway … Rep. Stupak looks to have caved pretending to get protection from the President in order to “look” as if he was getting something.

It’s a sad day in America watching our citizens lose their freedoms and liberties … and knowing that there is little if no cost control in this giant bureaucratic blunder.


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