You can only ignore the will of the people for so long …

Posted By on March 22, 2010

votehealthcare100321As the the Democrat’s health care bill passes under less than optimum circumstances, tempers and emotions flare in both congress and between citizens of our nation. My representative, the Honorable John Boehner, lead the Republican minority in a valiant fight, in this case speaking for the majority of people across our nation (video below).  Unfortunately in the end, most Americans’ voices were ignored. In his bold speech on Sunday night prior to the vote, he asked the speaker Pelosi to make each vote be stated publicly rather than electronically … a request that most know will not be granted. Those voting ‘yes’ to approve passage of this bill will no doubt prefer to keep their faces off camera on this unpopular vote – that came in at 219 to 212, without a single Republican approving the most massive spending bill of my lifetime. As the evening waned, Democrats alone also passed the reconciliation bill at 11:35PM – 219 to 211.

[flv:FN_Boehner100321.flv 486 257]

Look out come November (Twitter #rememberinnovemeber) … if a legislator is up for re-election and voted for this massive entitlement bill, they will pay a steep political price (RasmussenReports – image right). favoropposehealthcare100321 It is a monstrosity that will end up costing us dearly and will potentially hamstring our nation’s economy for the rest of our lives. The President promised as he acknowledges this bill passing, that it offers more Americans coverage, no rejection from preexisting conditions, regulation to help consumers from insurance companies, tax cuts for small business, greater access to care, Medicare savings and deficit reduction. Still the “thinking” citizen wonders who pays for this free lunch? I think we all know it is not possible and know care will be worse and the cost will be high.

We are leaving our children a country much different that the one we inherited … and significantly different than was planned by our founding fathers. It’s a sad day to be an American who appreciates individual liberty and believes this bigger bureaucracy is harmful to our nation.


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