Fresh squeezed OJ – the best way to start a tax preparation day

Posted By on April 12, 2010

freshsqojAs a morning routine, I’m a coffee and anti-oxidant grape juice drinking kind of guy, but since we had a few extra oranges left over I’ve been fresh squeezing them for a morning citrus treat.

Mmm … sunshine and fresh squeezed OJ … breakfast doesn’t get much better than this!

Speaking of ‘the day’ – April 15th – I’m finishing up what is a lousy time of the year for me and most Americans who pay income taxes … about half the people living in this country – how is that fair? Nevertheless, those hard at work in Washington DC are finding new ways to ‘serve us.’   They are busy spending what we don’t have and making new laws we don’t need. So as a reminder to be sure and file your auditrisktaxes by April 15th so they don’t have to borrow and print so much money [sarcasm].

Gulp … my risk level is too high if the IRS will be asking for more bureaucratic bloat to enforce the latest new health care legislation.


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