Illegals: Continued lax response by government has me frustrated

Posted By on May 29, 2010

For those at a distance discussing and “playing politics” with securing our borders and dealing with illegals crossing from Mexico, it might be a good idea to visit and talk with those “legally” living, illegal-aliens-crossing-fencepaying taxes and owning property in Arizona. There was a short interview (below) with a rancher who talks about the situation; he has a right to be frustrated and angry. If listening to him talk about a half-million being apprehended crossing the border at his property line, having 7 break-ins and a neighbor killed isn’t enough to blame government for not doing their job, then I don’t know what is. If those charged with the responsibility (Feds) don’t respond and protect our citizens … and the state and local law enforcement aren’t permitted to enforce the laws … then it is time for a citizen, or a citizen militia, to protect themselves and their property. As federal and state taxpayer and citizens of this country, I can’t imagine how angry I would be that my family and property continued to be at risk while politicians concern themselves with offending those who are in this country illegally. As if that isn’t bad enough, the citizens who are not being protected are paying taxes (both state and federal) that are used to care for and support those who are here illegally. Wake up Washington and do your job.

[flv:FN_OTR_BorderInsecurity100527.flv 480 255]


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