Sprint 4G HTC EVO started selling Friday

Posted By on June 5, 2010

I’ve had my Palm Pre about a year now and have been pretty satisfied with the webOS smartphone. Unfortunately the news coming from the acquiring company, HP, isn’t a confidence builder android-evo-pre-5so it’s time to ponder the options …  still most likely a year away. The buzz at Sprint is the higher data speed from its expanding 4G service and the HTC EVO device hitting the market this past Friday. I expect it will be a big seller in that the “phone” (if you can still call it that) has a superb display, high performance processor and maturing Android operating system. This is the first major WiMAX phone and it will test the public’s tolerance at bigger sized phones, with higher carrier data costs and a shortened battery life (the Palm Pre is bad enough).

According to the PreCentral forums, especially this thread, “a sizable number of Pre owners are going to make the switch.” A photo comparison in their blog also highlights the difference between a smallish Palm Pre and the new HTC EVO smartphone (comparison photo above). For someone like me who prefers carrying their phone in a pocket, I’d be having  second thoughts if I was switching to the EVO.

Speaking of second thoughts, I was with my brother this past weekend and found myself pondering a smaller cellphone bill and while doing less with a phone. I actually enjoy checking out his LG Lotus; it was really a nice QWERTY flip phone and now that the newer Elite model is available (image below), it might be a decent phone to step back from the do-all smartphones that are “all the rage” today. Frankly having a clamshell phone that fits comfortably in a pocket, does text messaging and emails along with some social networking… and has both a decent camera and video makes some sense. Sure I’d miss the synchronization with Google Contacts and Calendar, but a lower monthly bill and better battery life would be appreciated. I might just consider going back to a more basic phone and “pad” or netbook instead of and all in one smartphone? But as a friend who just order the EVO tweeted a day before placing his order, “I’m very cell phone bipolar!”



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