Interesting. Tootsie’s breed is on the top 12 Mens’ dogs list

Posted By on July 27, 2010

tootsiephoto Although the article is from last year, my son noticed that our Australian Cattle Dog / Blue Heeler made the top 12 mens’ dogs list in Men’s Journal magazine (Below – Sept 4, 2009 p.56). There is certainly some accuracy to the characteristics, although I’m not sure how well our dog would do on a sailboat – Tootsie has feared water ever since she fell through the ice as a pup.

Still for 13 years old, I don’t think one could find a more energetic beast. If I’m not careful when running her around the yard, I’m convinced she would injury herself before slowing down. As for ‘nipping’ … they don’t call them “heelers” for nothing … but it would be nice if ours knew the difference between livestock heels, tractor tires and little kids who love to run around in bare feet! Potential owners be warned … it’s not easy to train out such an instinct.

In the comments below, I particularly liked the “fell off a sailboat and survived four months eating baby goats.” I could see that happening.



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