An old newspaper clipping and a great summer job #TBT

Posted By on July 25, 2019

When talking about the wide spread damage in the Dayton area by a tornado earlier this year with the guys putting on our new gutters (Raspberry Pi cam picked up one of the guys’ legs and tweeted it to me) …  EAHFYXhXsAEeupfI mentioned that I once did some tornado repairs in my hometown. I couldn’t quite put my finger on the year, but realized my mom kept a Sidney Daily News clipping of me working on one of the damage roofs. It was June 8, 1981, and works for Throwback Thursday #TBT post. (BTW, I’m the guy in the clipping below – top left on roof top).

As for jobs and work of any kind, building homes was definitely at the top of my list and a favorite summer job -  good memories. Not only did I get paid fairly well, but was given more responsibility than I really had the experience for – but learned fast. The transferable skills are some that have served me well throughout my life. Unfortunately not many college kids are looking for hard but rewarding summer work with skills they can use the rest of their lives.

(click newspaper clipping for larger image)

The core crew that I worked with were exceptional workers. Both Jim and Todd were rock solid loyal and honest – and two guys I would have trusted my life with (and did at times while working on houses!) We worked long days and often into the cooler evenings which made for great paychecks. Thankfully even on the slow days, Tombs and Associates would keep us busy so we would continue to get a decent paycheck (important for me paying for college). I was the go-to guy for “running service” (the list of things needing attention on newly sold homes) and repairing the work vehicles in my dad’s barn/garage the evening (below). My boss John was decent guy as he let me take the truck to and from work each day and even paid me extra to fix the rust and repaint the work truck in the summer of 1980 (photo). A great summer work experience.



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