Replaced Goodyear Integrity with Michelin LTX MX2 tires

Posted By on July 20, 2010

The stock OEM Goodyear Integrity tires on my Honda Pilot have goodyearintegrity109kgiving me a good 109,000 miles of wear and I replaced them today since an ugly split started to show up. They have always driven well on everything but wet roads, especially heavy rain. Their flaw is that they seem to be unable to shed water fast enough to prevent hydroplaning; in my opinion they were not the safest rain tire at Interstate speed. That said, snow was not a problem and as far as a quiet highway tire and a solid 109,000 miles of driving, they were great.

After pricing a few brands and almost buying a new set of 60,000 rated Goodyear Fortera TripleTred tires at my regular tire dealer, michelinltxms2I opted for a 70,000 rated Michelin LTX MX2 tires which were being marketed at a similar price.

There were two reasons I opted for the doughboyish tire: 1) Michelin had a $70 rebate, saving me a few dollars, and 2) the dealer who has always provided ‘appreciation’ service told me they were too busy this past weekend to replace the valve stem in my Kubota. michelindoughboy It would have taken them all of 3 minutes to replace the valve stem allowing me to finish cutting the grass, but even after asking a second time politely they turned me away. It was a mistake on their part and it cost them the sale of four new tires ($800) since it necessitated my stopping at another tire dealer just 1/4 mile to the west. Although the TireDiscounter location looked equally as busy, they replaced my tire stem at no charge without even a hesitation. While waiting the entire three minutes for the tire stem, they priced a couple option for my SUV and it was enough detail to customer service that convinced me to schedule my appointment. Kudos to TireDiscounter on Tylersville Road in West Chester Ohio.

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